Statement of Artistic Vision,
Keith A. Thompson, Artistic Director:
Under the direction of Artistic Director Keith A. Thompson, danceTactics performance group directs its interest towards dance’s capacity to communicate on its own. The company thrives by seeking out challenges of discovery that takes place within the moment, compositionally and conceptually. Complex articulation of multiple pathways through and between spaces are a main focus. Thompson in collaboration with his dancers intensely value researching the fusion of theater and contemporary dance. With a passionate investigation in dance and physical theater we look to create a connection somewhere between abstraction and narrative for the viewer. Thompson and his dancers have engaged students across the country to think outside the box through the sharing of repertoire. danceTactics holds residency, workshop, and collaborative experiences in high regard, and continues to seek out diverse educational environments in which to foster collaborations. danceTactics fosters strong artistic relationships among artists in different mediums from across cultural and geographic divides. danceTactics is constantly exploring challenging new ways of working to create textured and inventive choreographic experience.


danceTactics has TWO fiscal sponsors so that donors have their choice of donating through,”danceTactics Performance Group is fiscally sponsored by Unique Projects, Inc., a New York State not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization administrated by Pentacle/DanceWorks, Inc. and,”Dance New Jersey also serves as fiscal agent for danceTactics performance group